How to Convert MKV to AVI for Free?

Why we want to convert MKV to AVI format? There are maybe some reasons. Maybe the MKV HD video is great with high resolution, however, it's also very large file size, then we convert it to AVI with lower resolution for small file size. Or we may convert MKV to AVI for some devices or video editing tools as they can only support to playback AVI videos.
MKV is not a compressed format , MKV is a " combination" and " package " format , or we may say, a container format. Generally speaking, MKV package different video streamings, audio streamings and subtitles into an independent file with differenet subtitles and audio multimedia content.
AVI (Audio Video Interleaved acronym ) is a RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format acronym ) file format used in some application of audio and video capture, editing, playback. Typically, an AVI file can contain several different types of media streams ( one audio stream and one video stream basically ) , but the AVI file contains only a single audio stream or a single video stream is also legitimate. AVI can be regarded as the most basic and most commonly used media file formats in the Windows operating system.
MKV is a popular online HD video format , high quality but large file size. Generally the MKV videos' resolution would be 720P. At the same time, the video file size is large. Converting MKV to AVI can help to reduce the video file size, and also better for the secondary video editing.
There are some methods for converting MKV to AVI without software, but it's too complex. Here we suggest a totally free and clean MKV to AVI Converter which support batch conversion, compatible with Win8.1/8/7/XP and very easy-to-use. Just 3 clicks will get your AVI videos in seconds.

Step 1 Download Free MKV to AVI Converter (100% Free & Clean)

There is amazing and incredible different kinds of software being developed all of the time, but sometimes it is difficult to know when to move from one to another. How can you tell which is better, and what benefits or disadvantages do the new, untested products offer? Well, when you are thinking about whether to use the MKV to AVI converter, we can at least tell you about the five brilliant advantages that it provides every single person that uses it.

Download Free MKV to AVI Converter Download Free MKV to AVI Converter

Step 2 Input MKV video files directly

The 2rd step of converting MKV to AVI is inputting MKV video files After you've installed the Freebee. Just click the "add files" button at the top-left, then select all MKV videos you wanna convert to AVI files as the converter support batch conversion with fast speed.

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Step 3 Select output AVI video resolution

After inputed several MKV videos into the convert list, you then just need to click "to AVI" button at the bottom of the interface. And also select the output AVI video resolution. For better performance, we suggest to keep the orinigal resolution of the inputed MKV fiels.

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Step 4 Fast convert MKV to AVI

Now, after making the 3 easy clicks on the free MKV to AVI interface, you just need a cup of tee and waiting for the mkv to avi conversion done within few minutes. The free MKV to AVI Converter using Fast Decode Technology which helps to increase the conversion speed to over 30x faster than other software in the market.

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Key features of Free MKV to AVI Converter:

1. Fast conversion speed.
No one wants to wait around forever for one file to convert into another. We have other things to do, our lives to lead! That is why the MKV to AVI converter is brilliant, because it has a ridiculously quick conversion speed. You won't have to wait around forever to get your new file ?before you know it, it is already ready.

2. Supports batch conversion.
Even better, you won't have to sit at your computer all day slowly feeding each individual file into the MKV to AVI converter. No, the developers of this wonderful product have already foreseen this, and made it possible for you to convert files in batches. This saves you even more time when combined with the fast conversion speed, and before you know it, everything will be completed.

3. Compatible with Windows XP, 7, and both versions of 8.
One of the most frustrating things that you can come up against when using a new programme is when your operating system doesn't support it. But when you are using the MKV to AVI converter, you will not have that problem. It is completely compatible with the last four versions of Windows, making it easy to convert your video files without any problem.

4. Easy to use.
You want to be able to quickly use a new programme, instead of wading through forums on the internet, trying to find someone who has had the same problems as you. But with Free MKV to AVI Converter, you will find it so easy to use that you'll be able to start working with it straight away.

5. Offers multi languages.
If English is not your first language, you are in luck: the Free MKV to AVI converter offers its services in many other different languages. So there is absolutely no excuse for not using this particularly brilliant piece of technology.

Download Free MKV to AVI Converter Download Free MKV to AVI Converter

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